The LUNA project is a 100 acre property, in Hamilton ON- demonstrating sustainable living and regenerative farming practices. The LUNA project consists of organic gardens, no till farmland, wetlands, ponds, forests, trails and 3 off grid yurts. LUNA’s homestead is 100% sustainable, powered by wind turbine and solar.
LUNA is home to a number of Sustainable Living programs, gardening and farming programs, Outdoor Education, the Om Dome wellness programs and LUNA Adventure programs (both on and off site).
LUNA’s hope is to help guide individuals down a path of natural discovery, we aspire to unite individuals with each other, their communities, and the natural environment. It is our mission to foster awareness and respect for the natural world through the provision of wilderness adventures and environmental education.

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The Om Dome @ LUNA


The Om Dome is a 700 square foot (circular) yurt, nestled in the heart of the Luna Project's homestead of sprawling forests, yurts, trails, farm and wetlands. The Om Dome yurt is a 100% sustainable, off grid centre; powered by solar panels & wind turbine and heated with wood stove in the cooler seasons. Originally built in 2007, as an outdoor education centre, The Om Dome will be transformed into a sacred space for yoga and other integrative healing arts workshops and retreats; Opening July 16th, 2017. 

The Om Dome is available to rent hourly, daily and for weekend retreats.

Rentals include: Parking, firewood for wood stove and use of the Om Dome.



  • $520 for a full day

  • $260 for a half day

  • $85/hourly rental

  • Special rates for weekends/retreats

  • Reduced rates for Non-Profit rentals

  • Accommodation in  Homesteading Yurts and Camping available upon request


Trish Dingman, Founder of the Om Dome

David Masters, Founder of the Luna Project