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Traditional Winter Travel



Winter and Canada go hand in hand. However few of us experience travel in the winter months and hibernate until spring. Traditional winter travel using toboggans and heated canvas tents means an enjoyable day on the trail followed by a cozy night in the tent. No more struggling through deep snow with a heavy backpack with a cold night ahead! This 3 day winter experience builds on skills offered in our ‘Introduction to Hot Tent Camping’ program but takes it further. The emphasis on this fully guided trip is to give you the ‘know how’ to travel safely through the forests and lakes of the Canadian Shield. Its an authentic Canadian experience like no other!

Topics for the weekend include:

  • Canvas tent and wood stove set up

  • Winter campsite selection

  • Snowshoe travel

  • Toboggan loading and packing

  • Finding and processing the best firewood

  • Winter navigation and ice safety

  • Environmental ethics in the winter

Our guided trips in Ontario’s near north allow you to get out to the quiet snowy solitude of Canada’s shield country in a safe, fun environment. If you have basic camping knowledge and have spent some time in snowshoes, this experience is tailored for you.


When: Saturday February 16th to Monday February 18th
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm
Cost: $650.00/person (plus HST)
Location: Minden, Ontario
Prerequisite: Limited hiking and camping experience
Activity Level: Moderate
Age Restrictions: 10 (Children 17 and under must be supervised by a parent or guardian)


We meet participants at our predetermined trailhead about 2 hours north of Toronto for our winter camping adventure. Guests will be greeted by two smiling Luna guides with hot chocolate waiting. Our relaxed pace will lead you through all you need to know before we hit the trail. Our knowledgeable guides will go over your gear, clothing and proper packing to ensure a confident start. Everyone will be pulling a toboggan outfitted with personal gear, water and snacks for the trail and your share of group gear and food. Toboggan travel across frozen lakes and trails is enjoyable and not strenuous, even for those of us who enjoy only a moderate level of fitness. There is plenty of time for rest stops, photography and exploring.

Over the next three days we will snowshoe through a beautiful rock and pine lake chain in the Haliburton region of the Canadian shield. Winter is a great time for investigating animal tracks and of course, wearing snowshoes means we can explore areas inaccessible to summer canoe travel. It’s a whole new world! Each day you will develop the routines and skills of winter travel. Mornings involve breaking camp and travelling to our next site.

Nights are spent in the warm comfort of a common heated tent. Snowy gear is hung and dried for the next days use, while delicious meals fuel the inner furnace. Hot tent camping is luxurious! Even though temperatures outside are cold, inside it is t-shirt weather! After dark, if you choose, an evening snowshoe amongst the stars is a great way to end the day and with luck we may be treated to a wolf howl. Our goal in this winter experience away is to give you the skills and confidence to try it on your own or join a longer Luna trip in the future. Most of all, you will have the memories of a way of wilderness travel that few have the chance to enjoy.


  • All the group gear for the adventure including, canvas tents, wood stoves, toboggans, snowshoes and complete kitchen

  • All food for the trip including breakfasts, lunch,and dinner

  • Plenty of snacks and refreshments for the trail, camp, and rest stops

  • Hosted and lead by two experienced Luna guides

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